Vision and Mission

1)         To promote and diffuse knowledge in the area of Remote Sensing Applications and Geographical Information System (GIS) in various in various field of developmental activities undertaken by the Government of Manipur/ other Agencies such as agriculture forestry, water resources, mineral resources, environment, land use planning urbanization etc.

2)         To provide useful information on natural resources as an input to the socio-economic development activities in the State of Manipur.

3)         To establish providing facilities for interpretation and analysis of Air-borne as well as Space-borne remotely sensed database to Government, Semi-Government and other organizations in various usable forms.

4)         To establish a centralized Photo Library for storing classified Aerial Photographs. Imageries and other forms of air-borne as well as space-borne data prepared by the State Government as well as other areas of interest to the State for use by various agencies working for the State of Manipur and outside, as and when required, subject to usual restrictions on use of such classified documents.

5)         With a view to obtain useful information on natural resources to co-ordinate, interact and collaborate with other Remote Sensing Organizations in the country and various user agencies in the State to identify, formulate, initiate, promote, undertake and implement projects related to Remote Sensing Applications and Geographical Information System (GIS) in different fields of developmental activity.

6)         To provide necessary assistance and guidance to the different agencies in the State of Manipur for arranging survey for acquiring air-borne data for some specific purpose.

7)         To provide Consultancy Service for preparation of project report on utilization and harnessing of natural resources using the remote sensing technology.

8)         To  act as an Apex organization in the State for advising and disseminating the Remote Sensing technology to various user Agencies in the State of Manipur.

9)         To identify, initiate, undertake, coordinate and implement research and development projects of interest to the State Government in the areas of applications of Remote Sensing technology.

10)       To organize, implement and participate in the training programmes, seminars, workshop, symposia and lectures for the man-power engaged in the implementation of plans and projects related to the Remote Sensing Technology Applications.

11)       To provide information and documentation facilities in remote sensing, disseminate information and furnish results of remote sensing investigations carried out by the Manipur Remote Sensing Applications Centre of the Society or any other organization in a suitable form of print, audio-visual and films.